Slowly Rebuilding the Site

In case piccit_a_konata_wallpaper_i_made_16_967632949you weren’t paying that much attention, our web site has been down for almost a year. Unfortunately our old web manager Tech Monkey left right before a WordPress update that kind of broke everything. Katie did her best with almost no understanding of website management, but eventually we had to rebuild from scratch and this brings us to where we are today. But we’re back, and looking to rebuild our writer base.

Contact us on Facebook or at if you’d like to help out with the site. Anything can be useful, from artists to anime reviewers. Please reach out to us today!

2 thoughts on “Slowly Rebuilding the Site

    1. Time Lady Katie Post author

      We could use more writers! Work has kept me too busy lately to keep up as much as I’d like.


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