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Lily Knights of Eorzea

So, based on a few things, but most notable a desire to increase the prominence of yuri in the otaku community, we decided to pen a Free Company in the very LBGT-positive space of Final Fantasy XIV’s Faerie server. Order of the Lily¬†is Lily Girls’ official presence in the game world of Eorzea, and will have as its central mission being a casual, social and affirming space for LBGT players and non-LBGT players alike. Admittedly, we’re themed around the lily motif, so our emphasis is on the L, but our goal is to be a Free Company that welcomes everyone. We also want to help new players with the wealth of experience I, personally, have had with the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole and the institutional memory I bring as a Legacy player. Hopefully we can recruit some experienced Warriors of Lights as well as a plethora of new souls.

Wec683cc36d8f62b75181e03754d333b7e are excited to offer this opportunity to players of Faerie, which despite its reputation as the LBGT server has few registered LBGT Companies. Lily’s Free Company will be dedicated to progressing through content at a leisurely and fun pace, working together on in-game events focused on crafting, combat and general social fun, and will be very welcoming of roleplayers. In fact, my character Iris keeps an in-character blog on Lodestone!

Having a truly LBGT space is important. The otaku and gamer community is notoriously unkind to our particular minority, and there tends to be animosity between supporters of yaoi and yuri within that minority. Lily Girls has always aimed to improve the situation for all LBGT otaku, not just the L. We want to bring this attitude to Final Fantasy XIV and now is the right time, as the game celebrates one year of marriage equality. Continue reading